International Association of consultants, auditors and accounters

CPA Associates International is a well-known international association of consultanting, fiscal advising and audit companies with more than 150 members in 65 countries from all the continents.


CPA Associates International provides and guarantee a total cover of all legal, fiscal and accounting services related with international issues. Thanks to the synergy of its members, the companies have qualified professionals all around the world to satisfy the demand of services optimizing them, granting the internationalization of the company in the opening to new markets or branch management.


Fiscal Line, as a member of CPA Associates International, provides to its clients an added value. Working with Fiscal Line is not only working with our national professional, is working with a global association in continuos collaboration at international lelvel, granting a better professional specialization adjusted to the companies needs.


CPA Associates International worries about the high qualify skill of its members to offer the best service to its clients, granting the quality of our work. CPA Associates Internationa provides to its members educational seminars to renew and increase their knowledge, staff exchange program and many other resources to create the best professionals in the sector.



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